POSTDOC POSITION, available now Febrary 26, 2019
I am looking for a postdoc to work on the NSF funded project on social networks and cognition in wild mountain chickadees using our established RFID-based system in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Start date is flexible. The position could be up to 5 years conditional on satisfactory performance.
The ideal candidate should be capable and willing to work in some of the harshest winter mountain conditions, to use skis and snowshoes to hike several miles while ascending 1,000 feet in deep snow in various weather conditions, to use snowmobiles and ATVs with snow-tracks in extremely challenging mountain conditions and sometimes to shovel snow to arrange save passage of these snow vehicles. Field work will be conducted throughout the entire year at our long-term study area in Sagehen Experimental Forest in northern Sierra Nevada (near Truckee, CA), which is ca. 40 miles from Reno.  
The ideal candidate should have field experience working with small passerine birds (mistnetting, collecting blood samples), be fluent in R (both managing large data sets and stats) and preferably in either Perl or Python programming. Any familiarity with analyzing social networks is a plus.
Per UNR rules, a postdoc must be within 5 years of finishing PhD, so I am looking for candidates who either just got their PhD or within 1-3 years after PhD.

If interested, please contact me directly [email protected] In your email, please address: (1) your experience with field work and with small birds, (2) your field experience in winter conditions, (3) your fluency in R, (4) your experience with Perl or Python, and (5) your experience with analyzing social networks. 
I am looking for 1-2 new graduate students (PhD) to join my lab. I am particularly interested in students who will be interested in doing their dissertation research using our mountain chickadee populations. We have hundreds of birds banded with color bands and with PIT-tags (RFID) and we maintain 300+ nestboxes.

If interested, please send an email and include your CV, undegraduate transcripts and description of research experience and interests.